When it comes to safety, Chez Moi is UNIQUE


Chez Moi is built using the highest quality standards to ensure the solidity of the structure and resistance to the seismic effect as per the American and the French Code, (UBC and ACI).


For the antifire requirements we are also adopting the American Code (NEPA) ensuring all safety requirements are respected, such as:

a- Protection of all escape stairways and corridors

b- The fire stability of the building structural elements and escape routes

c- The fire resistance and reaction of the material that are used

d- The smoke management systems

e- The ventialtion systems

f- The extinguishing systems such as automatics sprinklers and portable extinguishers

g- The alarm system, emergency lighting and signs, and fire detection


Our Airconditioning system is built to create negative pressure outisde the areas where your kids are located.  While maintaining cool atmosphere, the system works to create a vaccum system to the exterior.


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