Motor and Sensory awakening

In the framework of training projects laid down by the administration of Chez moi nursery, the educative team underwent a training (were trained) on educational program and solicitation of wakefulness from 0 months up to 3 years.

Educators participated in targeted workshops concerning the following topics:

1- Presentation of educational program according to psychomotor and sensorimotor awakening development of children from 0 months up to 3 years.

2- Learning stimulation and awakening techniques as well as exploratory and sensorimotor exercises via toys.

3- Sub group exercises (according to age category) on proposed subjects such as: methodological approach, capabilities, age, group, targeted activities, and evaluations.

Having regard to educators’ motivation and involvement, field follow-up would be provided to ensure a proper activities’ progress and children well-being.

Caline Labaky

Psychomotor therapist- Trainer

Pedagogical consultant


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